How it works

Introductory - Year 3 and 4 (aged 7 and 8* - non exam class)

Primary - Year 5 and 6 (aged 9 and 10*)

Intermediate - Year 7 and 8 (aged 11 and 12*)

Junior - Year 9 and 10 (aged 13 and 14*)

Senior - Year 11-13 (aged 15-18*)

* all ages are approximate 

Classes are organised into small groups (six students maximum) based on student age and school year placement. This ensures that they work with like minded individuals and content can be tailored to be age appropriate. Terms run alongside the school terms and students will have eight lessons in each. Lessons are 60 minutes in length. 

Students have the option of entering Speech New Zealand Speech and Drama examinations. Should they prefer to sit Trinity College London examinations this can be organised on request.  Although examinations are optional they provide students with an opportunity to put their learning into practice while gaining certification. 

At the end of the year students are encouraged to attend and present an item in our annual showcase. Family and friends are warmly invited and students will present an aspect of the work they have completed throughout the year. For all students, particularly those who do not wish to do examinations, the showcase provides an opportunity to highlight personal achievement in a safe and supportive environment. 

Throughout the year students will begin to develop their confidence in presenting and performing. They will learn:

  • How to have the confidence to read aloud in class or at assembly

  • Support with speech performance and delivery particularly for the different styles of speechmaking - to entertain, inform, persuade or demonstrate. 

  • Speaking clearly in front of others or on the phone

  • How to read and deliver poetry 

  • Development and performance of short characterisations/monologues

  • Work with impromptu speeches and the art of improvisation

  • Accepting offers from others in theatre sports activities

  • Learning the art of extempore speaking

  • Liturgical readings (as requested)

  • Developing movement and team work in small group drama projects

  • Incorporating facial expression and gesture into speeches, storytelling and performance. 

  • Ultimately having fun.

Introductory classes for year 3 and 4 primary (7 and 8 year olds) are available to introduce students to the basic skills as listed above. There are no examinations available for this age group - the sessions will build students skill set and confidence so that they may progress into examinations and/or competitions in the following year. Entry into these classes at any time of the year is suitable dependending on availability.