Speaking publicly is a crucial life skill, one that, I believe, is not taught adequately in our schools currently. This has meant that students leave school needing further training and support in building their confidence to talk in front of an audience, often hindering their success in job interviews and presentations. My courses aim to support schools and students to make oral literacy a core focus in order to enhance this life skill before students embrace the working world. Courses can be developed to suit time, budget and school requirements.

School Leaders

A great course for schools wanting to extend and develop the communication skills of their school leaders. Recommended for any students in leadership roles and/or who have to speak to groups throughout the year. Time and content can be tailored to each school individually. Includes skills for speaking at assembly, powerful presentations, conversation starters, the art of small talk, speaking in religious ceremonies etc. Optional Communication in Leadership examination run by Speech New Zealand is also available. Please contact me for further information.

School Leavers and Job Seekers

A great course targeted at any school leaver. Focus on job interview skills, conversation starters, presenting yourself confidently and the art of small talk. Time and content can be tailored to suit. Please contact me for more information. 


Options for teachers and departments to partake in Professional Development regarding the Oral Literacy strand of the curriculum. With a focus on public speaking initiatives and confidence building for students a package can be tailored to meet individual school requirements. Please contact me for more information. 

Oral Communication in Schools - Whole class focus​

Recommended for large groups of students from primary through to secondary level. A great component to support the oral literacy strand of the English curriculum. Can be taught by teachers in schools and supports all students through a Speech New Zealand Oral Communication examination. Badges and certificates are available upon completion of the exam. Teacher training or full teaching options available. Please contact me for further information.